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my heart broken.
Wednesday, 7 November 2012 0 Comments

Asalamualaikum and heyy buddy ! today i'm gonna told you that my heart broken into thousand pieces or million, maybe. huaaa ! i'm feel like i'm gonna crying. ogehh, enough ain enough. maybe he not your destiny. you must remember that ain ! ogehh, i hope you can happy beside your mate. and i really really hope you still can remember me as your friend. i know in your heart and mind only have her. i already though that i can't get you. and i'm very very hopeless now. my heart very dissapointed because of my feeling towards you. ogehh. only that i can told you now. i can't control my feeling but i'm trying. please pray for me, that i can get other person better than you. i hope so. Amin~~

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